Hamilton is released under the BSD 3-Clause Clear License.

Usage analytics & data privacy

By default, when using Hamilton, it collects anonymous usage data to help improve Hamilton and know where to apply development efforts.

We capture three types of events: one when the Driver object is instantiated, one when the execute() call on the Driver object completes, and one for most Driver object function invocations. No user data or potentially sensitive information is or ever will be collected. The captured data is limited to:

  • Operating System and Python version

  • A persistent UUID to indentify the session, stored in ~/.hamilton.conf.

  • Error stack trace limited to Hamilton code, if one occurs.

  • Information on what features you’re using from Hamilton: decorators, adapters, result builders.

  • How Hamilton is being used: number of final nodes in DAG, number of modules, size of objects passed to execute(), the name of the Driver function being invoked.

Else see Telemetry for how to disable telemetry.

Otherwise we invite you to inspect for details.