Use this to get cursory information about a Hamilton module.

class hamilton.dataflows.InspectResult(version, user, dataflow, python_dependencies, configurations)
hamilton.dataflows.inspect(dataflow: str, user: str = None, version: str = 'latest') InspectResult

Inspects a dataflow for information.

This is a helper function to get information about a dataflow that exists locally. It does not get more information because we don’t want to assume we can import the module.

from hamilton import dataflows

info = dataflows.inspect("text_summarization", "zilto")
  • dataflow – the dataflow name.

  • user – the github name of the user. None for DAGWorks official.

  • version – the version to inspect. β€œlatest” will resolve to the most recent commit, else pass a commit SHA.


hamilton.dataflow.InspectResult object that contains version, user URL, dataflow URL, python dependencies, configurations.